Kobald Hall

The party travels 15 miles from Fallcrest into the wildernes to find the once sprawling manor now known as the ruins of Kobald Hall. Inside the keep at the base of a guard tower is a trap door leading down beneath the ruins.

Following the stairs down the party emerges in a small room with a pit of green sludge in the center. Several kobalds are waiting for the party and battle ensues but the kobalds don’t stand a chance and are quickly eliminated.

Past a portculis, around a corner and down some more stairs is a larger room with an alter to Tiamat, several stone coffins, and a couple trapped suits of armor with a few more kobalds to keep the party company.

Down another flight of stairs brings the party to another room with another sludge pit located between 4 coffins. On a raised platform at the far end are more kobalds. The party appears to have interrupted their game of using a rock attached to the ceiling with a rope to knock over piles of skulls on the coffins. But no worries. They are more than happy to let the party join in. Once the kobalds have been dispatched, Thomas decides to climb on the platform and get a better view where he is joined by 2 vicious guard drakes that want to be his “friends”.

Through a set of doors and down a hallway is another room where a kobald wyrmpriest unleashes his followers as well as a rolling boulder on the party. After a bit of fun the party retrieves a Staff of the War Mage and a silver key from the body of the wyrmpriest. The key opens a secret door leading to another staircase.

After following a long winding passageway deep into the earth the smooth stonework tunnel gives way to natural cave walls before opening up to a large cavern. In the center of the quiet cavern is a pool of frozen dark water. When the party enters the cavern a young white dragon flys out from the far side and blasts the party with its icy cold breath. After a long hard battle the party finally claims victory and reaps the spoils.

In a chest the party discovers a Frost Greataxe and a letter from a goblin Irontooth. Irontooth is trying to unite the monsters of the area against the people of Fallcrest and has made an offer of alliance to the wyrmpriest.

The party returns to Fallcrest to rest and enthrall a few barmaids with tales of their heroics.



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